Truck Tracking Delivers Real Results
+ Return on Investment (ROI)

Tracking Trucking Services deliver quick and proven results for you and your operations – results like improved fleet tracking and routing, reduced mileage and fuel costs, reduced labor costs and meeting & exceeding customers’ expectations. These add up to impressive benefits for your business and customers.

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With Tracking Trucking you will:

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    Gain insight into your operations:

    Capture real-time data for improved decision-making.

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    Control costs:

    Lower fuel expense, labor costs, mileage, unauthorized use, theft or loss, insurance premiums and more.

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    Reduce complexity:

    Get easy-to-use, interactive maps and customizable, automated reports to simplify managing mobile resources.

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    Improve productivity:

    With the latest mapping and reporting technology, optimize your drivers’ time and get more done in less time.

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    Decrease risk:

    With automated reporting, vehicle maintenance is kept up-to-date, improving overall safety.

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    Maintain compliance:

    Labor intensive, manual methods are replaced with automated data collection and reports for accurate and streamlined regulations compliance reporting.

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    Improve customer service:

    Arrive on time at customers’ locations, deliver accurate shipments, and eliminate incorrect or fraudulent work time and delivery reporting.

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    Automate Processes:

    Simply choose which details and reports you would like to receive in a consistent frequency – each day or week you can receive full detailed reports of mileage/ stoppage/ windshield time vs client facing times in a concise and easy to use format.

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