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The Btracking Dispatch solution is a dedicated GPS tracking system that is optionally programmed to work with a Garmin Nuvi navigation unit. This integration will allow for two way messaging between the office and drivers, dispatching of drivers, as well as turn-by-turn directions for the driver.

We think one of the best features of the feature allows the ability to dispatch drivers. Simply type an address you would like to send your driver to, and the navigation unit will store the address until your drivers are ready to proceed to that specific location. The BTRACK is a standalone GPS tracking device, which on its own will update its position every 5 or 10 seconds when moving over a couple miles per hour.

Customers wishing to use the Garmin Nuvi navigation unit - must purchase the proprietary patch cable, as well as supply there own Garmin Nuvi units (will work with Garmin Dezl series, as well as 24XX, 22XX, 23XX, 12XX, 13XX, 14XX, and 465).

Easy To Use Web Based System NO SOFTWARE TO INSTALL

Immediately upon logging in to our system you will see your vehicle's current position on a satellite hybrid map. Roll your mouse to zoom in closer - Get even closer and with the push of a button (Bird's Eye View) - view in stunning high definition your vehicles position overlaid on an actual AERIAL IMAGE. Move your mouse over your vehicle and see if your vehicle's ignition is on or off, current speed, and even direction of travel.

Get All These Reports:

  • Vehicle Maintenance Alerts
  • Standard Report/Enhanced Data Report
  • Start/Stop Reports - See Dates/Times/Location Duration Of Stop
  • Stop Start Based On Ignition Or Movement
  • Historical Trail Report
  • Route Alerts - If vehicle deviates from route system sends alert
  • Ignition Alert
  • State To State Mileage
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Excessive Idling
  • Vehicle Mileage
  • Vehicle Operating Report
  • Ignition Based Stop/Start
  • PTO Report
  • Speeding Report

Plus All These Features

State-Of-The-Art Web Based Live GPS Vehicle Tracking System. Integrated With Microsoft's Virtual Earth Mapping System. Our Complete System Will Allow You To:

  • Monitor Your Vehicles From Any Web Enabled Computer - Iphone Or Droid Phone
  • Watch Your Vehicles Live - Know Current Speed, Direction Of Travel & Location
  • Group Vehicles By Region, etc.
  • Receive Speed & Boundary Alerts To Any E-mail Or Cellphone Via Text Messaging
  • Monitor Traffic Live
  • Panic Button Enabled (Can be used to record employee time in/out)
  • Lock/Unlock Doors*
  • Enable/Disable Starter*
  • Honk Vehicle Horn*
  • Remote Start*

*These features are enabled and ready to use at no additional cost, they do require additional relays.

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