• Fleet Reports
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Fleet Reports

We can provide custom reports upon request. Below you will find the full generally available reporting formats that is included with each service contract:

General Reports

  • After Hours Report

    Reports on “After hours” or other unauthorized use as defined by the system administrator.

  • Alert Report

    Displays a list of all alerts generated within a specified date range.

  • Approximate Mileage Report

    Displays the approximate mileage for each day.

  • Current Activity Report

    Displays current activity and related information such as odometer, speed, max speed, distance and address.

  • Current Track Report

    Displays current activity and related information such as address, direction, speed, and last alert.

  • Detailed Activity Report

    Displays detailed activity information related to the trip such as status, speed, temperature, battery level and fuel usage.

  • Detailed Track Report

    Displays the same track information as found in the Current Track Report, along with detailed information for the entire day.

  • Driver Activity Report

    Displays a summary of all activity for drivers within a specified date range.

  • Fleet Driver Vehicle History Report

    Displays a detailed history for each vehicle-driver assignment.

  • Fleet Hours Worked Report

    Provides a summary of the actual hours a vehicle has been used detailing hours worked, days worked and average hours worked per day.

  • Geo-fence Entry/Exit Report

    Displays geo-fence entry and exit summary.

  • Mileage By State Report

    Displays vehicle mileage by state.

  • Speed Report

    Displays all sessions that generated speed alerts within a given date range.

  • Start/Stop Summary Report

    Displays start & stop times, start & stop locations, max speed and distance covered for each trip within a given date range.

  • Trip Report

    Displays trip information such as address, status, idling and complete trip summary.

  • Vehicle Utilization Report

    Displays vehicle usage as a percentage of fleet.

Maintenance Reports

  • Vehicle Maintenance History Report

    Displays all vehicle maintenance history information.

  • Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Report

    Displays vehicle maintenance schedule information.

Point of Interest Reports

  • Landmark Entry and Exit Report

    Displays all landmark entry and exit information within a specified date range.

  • Landmark Status Report

    Displays when landmark status has changed.

Security Reports

  • User Login Report

    Displays user activity in the system within a given date range, including user’s IP addresses.

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