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How it Works

Better Visibility = Greater Efficiency, Lower Costs & Better Decisions for your Business

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    Identify whether you are looking to track assets, vehicles or personnel.

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    For assets and vehicles, purchase dedicated GPS device.

    For personnel, download the Btracking application to your existing smartphone.

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    Subscribe to Btracking's monthly service. One subscription per device being tracking.

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    Login Online from your computer or Mobile Phone to view and pull reports on your offsite resources

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Btracking Platform Screenshots

This collection of screenshots gives a comprehensive overview of our GPS tracking platform. If you would like a personal live demo that highlights the benefits to your specific industry, please request a demo. A sales specialist will guide you through an in-depth look at our software.

Tracking Page

  • Tracking Full Screen

    Selecting the arrow on the right edge of the tracking sidebar can enable Popular for large displays and monitoring centers, full screen mode. Extra screen space allows for users to get a better view of the resources that are present on the map and their location.

  • Open Layer Integration

    The Btracking.com GPS platform offers users choice for map layout and items displayed. With Open Layer, users have the choice of what kind of map service to use and what kinds of layers are used.

  • Real-time Tracking

    Sometimes a single device is the only resource that a user wants to focus on. Real-time Tracking allows for users to open up a new window or tab in their web browser to view the location of a single asset in real time. This is a great feature for close monitoring of for individuals and fleets.

  • Live Share Link

    Sharing has become a large part of today's culture. With the Live Share Link feature, users can send a link to anyone's email address to show the assets location. Privacy settings allow the link to have an expiration date in between an hour and a month.


  • Routing Page with Find Closest Item

    Dispatchers who use the Btracking.com platform can easily determine the resource that is closest to a given location. More efficient deployment can help companies save money on fuel and give their employees more time to accomplish their goals.

  • Share Directions

    The share directions tool gives dispatchers the power to share directions from one location to another. These directions can be sent to a phone, tablet or computer to aid in the efficient deployment of resources.

  • Find Address

    When dispatchers need to send a resource to a specific address, the Find Address feature allows for users to quickly locate a new Point of Interest. This quick tool allows users to quickly evaluate the relationship of a location to an asset and deploy assets efficiently. Received on the recipients' smartphone or in-vehicle message tool.

Settings and Control

  • Central Dashboard

    The main dashboard is the central location to see every aspect of the Btracking.com platform from the main tracking dashboard. The Dashboard allows for convenience, simplicity and utility for every platform user.

  • Tools & Settings

    The Btracking.com can fully customize data in a variety of intuitive and useful ways. Within the Tools and Settings menu users can access tools for alert triggers, maintenance reminders, security interfaces and more.

Information Entry

  • Group Editor

    Management of vehicles can be challenging for a large company. With the Btracking.com platform, administrators can separate vehicles, assets and individuals based on department, location and purpose.

  • Vehicle Editor

    Tracking a vehicle on the Btracking.com platform can save time, money and resources. In addition, it helps users keep track of unique vehicle properties such as driver, serial number, license plate, registration and more.

  • Driver Editor

    With the Driver Editor users can add several different fields to a specific driver account. Field values include name, phone number, working hours, job description and even important medical information.

  • Point of Interest Editor

    Adding points of interest to the Btracking.com platform allows dispatchers to easily access and dispatch vehicles, assets and individuals to points of interest based on their location.


  • Vehicle Fuel Panels

    Our platform gives users the option to track the amount of fuel within a vehicle. The information is visualized for every individual vehicle with the optional vehicle fuel panels.

  • Vehicle Maintenance

    Forgetting to maintain a vehicle costs thousands of dollars and often leads to permanent vehicle damage. With the Btracking.com platform maintenance queue, administrators can schedule vehicle maintenance reminders to be delivered via email or text message.

  • POI Access Alerts

    Receive SMS or email alerts when your staff enter or exit client locations, home offices or the company offices/ warehouse and supply depots.


  • Vehicle Driver History

    Knowing that a vehicle is at an exact moment can save time, money and even a life. The vehicle driver history page can help managers set up specific times that an employee should be using a specific vehicle and link the vehicle to a driver's profile automatically.

  • History Playback

    With History Playback, users can quickly see where an asset, vehicle or person has been during a specific time frame. With the simple press of a button those locations can even be mapped on one location report at a time.


  • Create Geofence – Circular

    A geofence allows for platform users to set up an area with unique properties for the creation of alerts and generation of data. A circular geofence allows for overlapping and layering so that alerts can be generated when a resource gets a certain distance away from the center.

  • Create Geofence – Polygon

    A polygon geofence is similar to the circular geofence except it is far more specific and allows for administrators to create borders around a point of interest. For example, when a taxi service wants to generate alerts when a car is leaving or arriving at an airport, a border can be placed around the airport.

  • Create Geofence – Route

    Routes are an important part of vehicle services. Routes are set in place to keep drivers productive and on task. With a Geofence route, managers can set up routes that drivers must follow. When drivers stray from the route by a set distance, an alert is generated to inform the manager of a problem.


  • Dispatch Create Trip

    With the trip creation feature dispatchers can create routes for vehicles based on mapping data. Dispatchers can monitor these routes and new locations can be added as the trip goes on.


  • Extensive Reports Solution

    Btracking.com offers more than 20 detailed reports that use historical data gathered from a number of different GPS tracking devices.

  • Alerts Report

    Users can assess how their various resources are being used with the Alerts Report. Drivers that are speeding can be scolded. Assets that need service can receive maintenance thanks to a maintenance schedule update.

  • Current Activity Report Sample

    The Current Activity report allows for users to generate reports at during certain time frames with activity summaries. This allows for the detection of unauthorized use of an asset.

  • Vehicle Insurance Reminders

    Getting a traffic ticket with expired insurance is expensive. For this reason Btracking.com platform offers managers the option to set reminders for the expiration dates of individual vehicles and assets.

  • Monitoring Center Display – Alerts

    With the BT Monitoring Center Alerts display, users get quick access to alert data from any number of assets. When combined with the new Cases feature, users can also assign specific identifiers to alerts with specific properties.

  • Monitoring Center Commands

    In the Btracking.com monitoring center, users can now send commands based on alert cases. This allows for the modification of when an alert is sent for a certain case.

  • Monitoring Center Case Tab

    The BT Monitoring Center Case tab allows for users to visualize cases in the order they were created and with the information that identifies the purpose of each case. Cases allow for the immediate correction of conditions that can be harmful to a company's assets.

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