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Get notified in real time via Alerts

GPS fleet tracking alerts are critical for monitoring undesired driving behavior. By setting an alert, you will be notified in real time when unwanted driving behavior occurs (e.g. speeding, extended idling, entering areas they should not be, etc.) These email or SMS alerts can be delivered to any number of recipients. In addition, alerts are stored in our fleet reports system for later reporting.

  • Instant notification of any unwanted behavior
  • Monitor vehicles through any email-enabled device
  • Take immediate action on an event
  • Improve safety
  • Increase fleet productivity
  • Increase vehicle security


Speed Limits

Manage driver speed with ease

With FleetMatics’ Speed Limits feature, you get the most comprehensive source of speed limit information across all types of roads and geographies, including local and residential roads. You can now improve driver performance in many ways.

  • Create and manage a speeding policy using both frequency and severity of speed limit violations
  • Quickly identify speeding limit violations right in the Alerts you’ve set up
  • Investigate violations in detail through Route Replay
  • Easily monitor speeding activity with new Dashboard metrics for Speeding Severity and Speeding Violations


While there are a number of alerts that can be created, ranging from temperature gauges, to RFID, etc., there are generally 4 basic alerts that are most common:

  • Point of Interest (POI) Alerts – A vehicle enters and/or exits a specific area.
  • Vehicle Activity Alert – A vehicle moves during a specific timeframe.
  • Red Flag Alert – A vehicles exceeds a specified speed threshold.
  • Idling Alert – A vehicle crosses the idling threshold you set

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