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Automate visibility & reporting of in-field vehicles across your entire fleet. Some examples of insights available:

  • Vehicle Maintenance Alerts / Histories;
  • Automate Mileage collections, straight from Odometer across;
  • Auto VIN Identification
  • Gain Driver behaviour insights such as hard
    braking/ accleration;
  • Real Time Tracking/ Historical views/ Routing Directions
  • Remote vehicle immobilization
  • Plus so much more…
Mapping & Reporting
Feature Set
Description/ Notes BT-2000 SND BT-2050 BBP BT-3050 STND BT-3050 3G BT-LMGU 800
Automated Reporting
20+ reports | create reports to be
emailed to administrator or group at regular intervals via email.
Real-time Mapping & History Real Time mapping access/ Historical views including tracks, targets, geofences
Individual Level Alert Notifications Alert Notifications set on the individual OR Group level. Both available
External Live Tracking Share real time tracking access with external clients/ contacts, etc., with email live links to individual users
Live Traffic Overlay Real time traffic overlay, to note routes that may impacted due to congestion
Street Level 365 views Full location photographs of real-time locations or client visits
Routing Tool Find closest vehicle to dispatch to an upcoming job- email directions & route
Dispatch Tool Upload dispatch locations and measure percentage completion for all stops for each individual vehicle with real-time updates
Mass Upload of Targets Upload targets on individual or group level. Unlimited # of targets via import tool.
Travel Log reporting Sequential data log downloads. Based on 2 min travel intervals. Download to portal on 12 hour intervals
OTA Accessible programming Change reporting patterns on the fly (type of alerts/ frequency pings, etc.) using dedicated GPRS SMS Gateway
Unlimited Geofences
Unlimited User Administrators Unlimited access for # of administrators up to 1k
Unlimited Targets Included
Preconfigured Geofence Alerts IN + OUT lot requirements. OUT of province alert.
Motion Sensor Based Alerts Alert for motion, without battery power connection
Hard Braking & Acceleration View real time and in reports of instances of hard braking, acceleration outside of acceptable parameters    
Battery Levels View Battery level draws and high drainage as it occurs    
Remote Ignition Kill switch Kill ignition start remotely via dedicated SMS gateway     *
Mileage reports Automated for daily reporting. Plus In Territory vs. out of Territory reporting
Hierarchical Build Unlimited access for # of administrators to 1k
Fuel Consumption Real time and report access to fuel consumption rates for vehicles    
Unauthorized Usage Alerts for Unauthorized Usage such as after hours/ Tow alert, etc..
Unplug Alert/ Back Up battery Unit Unplugged or power source cut  
Oil level reporting View oil levels in real-time access and via automated reports/ historicals    
Vehicle Maintenance Alerts/ Reports Set individual vehicle maintenance requirements and timlines. Receive alert notifications & histories via reports.
Malfunction indication light Available on all hardware units, but integrated fully on platform for noted units  
Diagnostic Trouble Codes Alerts on specific engine/ tire/ etc. trouble codes  
Engine RPM Set Alerts for RPM parameters and track reports  
Fuel level Pull real time views of dashboard fuel levels for vehicle straight on platform  
VIN# Pull Vehicle Identification Number and set alerts for VIN transfer in platform  
Main power voltage Battery level alerts and on dashboard platform view  
Coolant temperature Real time temp gauge and over/under alerts  
Odometer Reading Integrated Real time data pull from vehicle dash onto platform view updates  
Quad Band GPRS GPRS World wide compliance
3G HSPA Compatible 3G Network Compliant Optional Optional

3G Versioning available for different feature mixes as well
All Scripting/ QC provided by Btracking Tech Support prior to deployment

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