• Improved Fleet Security & Safety
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Keep your People and Vehicles Safe

Protect both your people and one of your company’s most valuable assets, your vehicles. Trucking tracking gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your fleet vehicles are always monitored. In addition, by monitoring your drivers’ speed and location, you can correct unsafe behavior before it leads to more serious issues.

  • Know the second a vehicle moves during non-working hours
  • Get fast recovery of stolen fleet vehicles
  • Reduce unauthorized fleet vehicle use
  • Curb unsafe driving habits

When your drivers exceed the speed limit, they’re putting the safety, liability and reputation of your business at risk. Most GPS vehicle tracking solutions limit visibility into speeding on only interstates and highways, but we know that most businesses operate on local roads.

With our Speed Limits feature, you get the most comprehensive source of speed limit information across all types of roads and geographies, including local and residential roads. You can now improve driver performance in many ways.

  • Create and manage a speeding policy using both frequency and severity of speed limit violations
  • Quickly identify speeding limit violations within the FleetMatics features you use most – Reports, Alerts, Live Fleet and others
  • Investigate violations in detail through Route Replay
  • Easily monitor speeding activity with metrics for Speeding Severity and Speeding Violations

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